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Ether Bunny NFT Vows to Plant 1-Million Trees Globally by 2024

Ether Bunny Turns Minting NFTs into Minting Trees for Future Generations

Austin, TX
:  Today, Austin based technology company MetaBloxx Inc., and its flagship brand Ether Bunny NFT, announced an alliance with One Tree Planted, a 501(c)3 dedicated to reforestation. Ether Bunny is an NFT project launching this month with a mint date set for April 28, 2022, with a project mission of saving wildlife and restoring natural habitats. One Tree Planted has tree growing operations in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. With this alliance, One Tree Planted will receive direct donations from the Ether Bunny NFT project to plant trees all over the world.

Ether Bunny will start by planting 10 trees for every Ether Bunny minted, including all secondary sales on marketplaces such as Open Sea. To achieve its ultimate goal of 1 million trees by 2024, Ether Bunny will incorporate “tree planting” into all its upcoming gaming platforms and merchandise sales.

Planting trees is an idea that is starting to gain traction in the NFT community as a way of addressing the carbon footprint of NFT production and minting. Many companies and individuals have tried to compute the carbon (CO2) footprint of various cryptocurrencies that rely on “Proof-of-Work” consensus protocols, due to the high electricity consumption. NFTs have been seen as a contributor to that footprint, though on a fractional level.

“We’re super excited about our Million-Tree initiative.”, said MetaBloxx VP Hilda Lunderstedt. “We are totally dedicated to our mission of protecting wildlife and natural habitats, so this makes complete sense to us. It fits perfectly into our mission statement for Ether Bunny NFT and the charitable work we’ll be doing with organizations like the WWF and Wild and Free Foundation. Now we’ll be planting trees along the way… offsetting carbon and adding significant value to the world’s natural resources.”

Ether Bunny NFTs are a collection of 10,000 computer generated rabbits on the Ethereum Blockchain with various traits and rarities that will be revealed during the Play2Earn game “Bunny Wars” and in the 3D game “VR Bunny Wars”. Two bunny tribes will be battling it out with the objective of raising money for wildlife charities around the world. A portion of all proceeds from Ether Bunny NFT sales, merchandise and “in-game” revenues are donated to charities that are vetted and chosen to be part of the Ether Bunny wildlife conservation platform.


MetaBloxx Inc. is a blockchain development company located in Austin, TX., focusing on Metaverse, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and token economics.

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